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    Kantha Embroidery Saree

    Kantha embroidery is one of the oldest forms that has existed since the pre-Vedic ages. Women in the rural areas would practice this form of embroidery irrespective of their social standings. It was not a form of embroidery patronized by kings or noblemen but was passed down as a legacy of mothers and daughters. From wealthy merchant women to a typical farmer’s wife, everyone would practice this form. At present, Orissa and West Bengal state still practice this embroidery. Kantha embroidery saree usually has this form of embroidery crafted on its material to make some stunning and unique pieces.  Cotton sarees are generally preferred by most because of their breathable properties and because they are fit for almost every occasion. Cotton sarees paired with some unique embroidery designs make a great outfit. So, imagine both cotton and Kantha in one perfect combo. Buy embroidery saree made from exclusive Kantha embroidery designs and cotton sarees online at iTokri.

    Buy Kantha Embroidery Saree

    Sarees always hold a classy and elegant look to them, and Indian textiles have always made such unique pieces that you’ll always find only the best. Various traditional Indian art forms are imbibed with fabrics that add a very artistic touch. We have come from all over the country with some very innovative cotton saree designs online in India that you can browse to get your pick. Maybe you are sparked with a fire of interest in this form and want to look up some options. We have you covered here. We have some very skilled craftsmen working on these designs that depict some very creative artforms in this embroidery that you will love. So buy cotton sarees enriched with unique Kantha embroideries perfect for any occasion you are looking for.

    What Makes iTokri Special?

    We are a platform that harbors some very creative and artistic handicraft items, all handmade by experienced and passionate craftsmen from all over India. This allows them to showcase their stories, experiences, and talents and earn a livelihood through this exchange. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful process and celebrate the uniqueness of innovations with us. Check out our collection of handicrafts like  natural  stone necklaces,  jamdani silk saree,and other varieties of  fabrics online at iTokri. Also, buy embroidery saree online, encasing different styles of embroideries as well as a range of  dupatta online, many of which you’ll have never seen before. Your loved products are delivered right at your doorstep hassle-free with just a few clicks, so don’t wait anymore and visit us today!


    1] What is Kantha embroidery?

    Kantha embroidery includes straight running stitches along the fabric's edges that hold each layer together.

    2] How unique is the Kantha embroidery saree?

    Kantha embroidery is subjective to the creator; they include patterns, ideas, and motifs coming from the creator’s imagination and expertise, making each piece unique.

    3] Why are cotton saree perfect for any season?

    Cotton sarees have breathable material and let you feel at ease with the fabric without the prospect of the material being itchy, stuffy, etc., which is why it makes for the perfect option for any season. 

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