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Kota Doria Silk & Cotton Weaves of Rajasthan

Refresh Your Wardrobe With Kota Doria Silk And Cotton Weaves Of Rajasthan!

In our beautiful country, India, sarees and ethnic suits are well-respected traditional attire that graces every woman's wardrobe at least once in her life. A woman in a saree or salwar suit is often looked upon as the epitome of elegance and refinement. Since these beautiful dressing options play a vital role in helping you fit in with or stand out from the crowd during social functions and events, having a few of them handy in a variety of fabrics and weaves can keep you on top of your game. This is why a Kota Doria saree and Kota Doria suit is a must-have for every woman! Kota cotton fabric is extremely light and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it is elegant enough to grace any occasion, be it an office party or a great family function. Buy a beautiful Kota Doria Saree or Kota Doria Suit today and give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air!

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To lavish yourself with the best Kota Doria saree, you need a collection that offers you a wide variety of choices. iTokri has got your back! Check out this one-of-a-kind selection of heart-stealing, beautiful Kota Doria and Kota cotton fabric sarees brought to you by iTokri. Their unique designs and unmatched fabric reliability will make a valuable addition to your wardrobe and keep you company through many events!

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What is the history of Kota Doria fabrics?

The beautiful Kota Doria fabrics that grace your wardrobe in the form of breathtaking sarees first originated in Mysore, where the weavers who practised this craft were known as 'Masuria.’ These weavers were brought to Rajasthan by the jagirdars of Kotah to practice their exquisite artistry. Today you can buy these masterpieces online at iTokri! Explore through the jaw-dropping product line and make it a purchase to remember forever.

Why is Kota Doria weave so famous?

Although saris from Rajasthan tend to have a high yarn count, Kota Doria saris are generally well known for their refined weaves and low thread count, attributed primarily to the presence of Chambar. This perennial river makes the air heavy with moisture. They are most famous for their distinct and eminent square patterns and delicate look! Shop online at iTokri and make one yours today!

Which city is famous for Kota Doria textile?

As the name suggests, Kota, a town situated in the southern part of Rajasthan, is famous for the fantastic Kota Doria textile industry. This beautiful town hosts several clusters of artisans that weave delicate muslin sarees popularly known as ¨Kota Doria¨ or ¨Kota Muslin¨. Now you can buy these stunning sarees online at iTokri! Explore through the collection and buy them all.