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Kutch Block Print Fabrics

Kutch Block Print Fabric -  Get Truly Breathtaking Designs 

Kutch textiles are one of the famous aspects of the Kutch district in Gujarat, along with handicrafts, forts, and Dholaveera which is one of the five largest Harappan sites. Block print fabric, especially cotton hand block print fabric is loved by all as they are available in various designs and colours, comfort is blended with fashion and is suited for every budget. One of the significant advantages of block print cotton fabric or cotton hand block print fabric is that it makes accessorizing easy as gold, silver, or metal jewellery can be paired beautifully with our wide range of Ajrakh block printed natural dyed cotton fabric.Ajrakh originates from the term ‘azarak’, meaning ‘blue’ in Persian and Arabic.

This complex resist-dyeing method using exquisitely carved wooden blocks passes through 14-16 stages of dyeing and printing.Hand block printing beautifully portrays traditional India's beauty or essence as it is converted into gorgeous attires. Buy hand block print cotton fabric online in India, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Also, check these amazing  lehriya dupatta and designer dupatta online. 

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