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Kutchi Embroidery Sling Bags

Kutch Embroidery Sling Bags - A Beautiful, Arty, and Fashionable Choice of Sling Bag:

Kutch embroidery is a famous and gorgeous artform of the Kutch tribal community of India. These vibrant colored and intricately patterned embroidery works of art and ornamentations of fabrics are famous all over India. They are an essential part of the art and craft culture of India. Kutch fabrics are a popular deal of their own, and when this gorgeous fashion and artwork gets infused with a fashionable sling bag, it just turns up the style and looks by another notch. So treat yourself to these attractive kutch embroidered sling bags that pair up beautifully with any outfit and incredibly so much more so with a traditional Indian outfit. 

What Other Fashionable and Beautiful Sling Bags to Explore on iTokri?

Sling bags are undeniably beautiful additions to any outfit and are immensely useful. Sling bags look sleek, chic, and fashionable and are incredibly comfortable alternatives to hand purses or such. Be it for a cute college and campus outfit look or just a quick getaway with friends, hangouts, or even as much so as a day out, sling bags serve you the ultimate blend of comfort and fashion. Check out iTokri’s unique collections of cotton sling bags that have the perfect traditional Indian twist to it that just makes these products so much more boho, beautiful and unique. Like the gorgeous applique work sling bags, attractive patchwork sling bags, bindaas sling bags, the vibrant and colorful hand-painted sling bags, mashru sling bags, buy leather bags online like the handcrafted leather sling bags and the exquisite Madhubani hand painted sling bags of iTokri. 

Why Should you Buy from iTokri?

iTokri specializes in authenticity and high-quality products. iTokri’s traditional handmade Indian products are carved, painted, weaved, embellished, and created by rural, local, and tribal artists and artisans using techniques passed on for centuries ago. Thus, these products’ manufacturing authenticity makes and links a deep rustic bond with the traditional and rich Indian culture and art and crafts customs. In addition, iTokri works alongside NGOs and organizations that protect India’s traditional arts, weaves, and crafts by encouraging small-scale artists and weavers, small urban, rural, and tribal businesses and thus helps every rural and tribal Indian artist become financially stable earn a living wage. 

iTokri also ensures a safe, fast and efficient delivery system that delivers worldwide. iTokri’s exceptionalIndia’services also include a friendly and helpful customer service group that prioritizes customer relations and is there to guide the customers and help do your online shopping with iTokri memorable and positive. 


  • What are embroidery bags?
  • Embroidery means patterned and heavily detailed needlework on cloth or dress fabrics or any surface. Bags with such beautiful and intricate details of artworks patterned onto them with needles and threads and other such ornamentations are called embroidery bags.

  • Why are leather bags good?
  • Not only are these insanely gorgeous and stylish with their attractive color, build, and patterns, but they have a remarkably long life as well. With the proper care entailed as necessary, leather bags can almost last decades.