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Leather Puppetry

Buy Beautiful Leather Puppets Online In India From iTokri!

It is always a good idea to keep them diverse and challenging for your prized jewellery collection or mesmerizing art collection. Playing safe and sticking to just one kind of art form is never fun. This is why you need to experiment with beautiful and one-of-a-kind Leather Puppetry jewellery and art pieces specially brought to you by iTokri! In our fascinating collection, you´ll find everything from necklaces and earrings to even wall hangings! These leather shadow puppetry products, which originate from the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh, don´t just bring a touch of rich folk culture into your life. They also add traditional value to your jewellery or wall hanging collection! So don’t miss out on this charming collection! Explore our beautiful Leather Puppet designs and order yours today!

Enjoy Handicraft Shopping from iTokri

iTokri is your favourite one-stop online handicraft shop that brings the most authentic and inspiring traditional Indian artifacts from all corners of India. We offer you a wide variety of products that include everything, from Leather Puppetry toKalamkari bags,  wall clocks,  bell chimes,  handwoven towels,  and even  sling bags! Shop from iTokri and bring home beautiful art pieces that will complement your style. Choose iTokri for a purchase you´ll remember forever.

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With iTokri, you don't just get to enjoy a worthy masterpiece but also affordable prices, fast track delivery (for orders above Rs 500), excellent customer care services, and multiple payment options. A total win-win for you! So simply place your order for these beautiful leather puppetry products online at iTokri and get them delivered to your doorstep in any corner of the country! We even ship internationally to countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and many more!


1. What is leather puppetry?

Leather Puppetry is a hallmark artform that hails from the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh. This craft form is inseparable from the traditional folk and cultural expression, called Leather Puppetry. This beautiful form of shadow-puppet theatre is performed with leather puppets crafted out of goat or deer hide due to their transparency and ability to soak in different colours. Want to buy the best leather puppetry products online? iTokri has a fantastic collection of Leather Puppetry waiting for you to explore! Check it out and order your products today.

2. How are leather puppets made?

The process of creating these leather puppets is fascinating. Firstly, the skin/hide is washed in warm water, and then sun-dried for a few hours. Once it is dried, the artists cut the leather to the appropriate sizes, depending on the requirements. Now they undergo some process of parchment and finally, artists portray beautiful designs on the leather and give it a finished look! 

Now you can buy these leather puppetry products online at iTokri. Explore through the fantastic collection and get yours today!