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Leheria - Shibori - Ikat - Bandhini Tie & Dye Fabrics

The Beauty Of Tie-Dye Fabrics And Its Types

Tie-dyeing is a beautiful art of colouring by hand where the entire fabric is tied and then dipped into colour to give a beautiful pattern. This is not just a procedure but a traditional method. Bandhani tie-dye fabrics are one of the unique Indian tie-dying methods in which the cotton or silk cloths are tied together with a kind of rope. Then the threads are untied and the parts protected are left uncoloured. Gujarat and Rajasthan are famous for their finest bandhani tie-dye works. IF you are looking for tie-dye fabrics, then cotton material is the best and perfect option. The steps are applied which is sometimes complicated; It consists of folding the fabric, threading it, and dyeing it in various phases. The definitive outcome is a cloth with a red or blue area patterned with white and yellow dots. 

The decoration is prominent, but both the human and animal flowers and figures are in terms incorporated. Tie-dye fabrics are trendy. Barmer block print fabrics are recognised for the fabric prints of chillies, trees captioning a blue and black diagram, but other photos feature motifs of horses, lions, peacocks and camels. The handloom cotton materials are always in demand due to their unique and classy look. Barmer blocks are utilizing the timbers such as pear, teak, and sycamore. They are excellently hand-carved with some intricate and unique designs with the help of using the chalk mortar or by paper with the help of a pencil. Subsequently, they are moistened in Grease or oil for 10-15 days to loosen up the wood. Formerly the hurdles are prepared. They are dipped into the mixture or vanity of colours and accordingly in the fabrics. This method is recited repeatedly until the extent of the cloth is detailed. The crafters stress accuracy to ensure there are no cracks in the motifs. Additional slabs are rented if there are numerous colours, and the artisan holds for the first image to dry initially. You can get premium-quality tie-dye fabrics online. Also, never miss to check out  Rajasthani materials,  hand embroidery fabrics,  dastkar andhra fabrics, etc., from the best handicraft store. 

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  • What is tie-dye fabric?
  • The fabric used for tie-dyeing is mostly cotton, silk and dying by hand. Hued contours are generated in the material; this is done by numerous small portions of fabrics/material which is wrapped around tightly with the help of rope before inundating the fabric in the dye bath.

  • Can you dye 100% cotton?
  • Yes, it is possible to dye 100% cotton. Cotton material can be dyed across various kinds of organic and non-organic dyes; Even though the colours from the material will fade away quickly. But, again, the main benefit is cost-effectiveness and beauty.