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    Get The Best Linen Fabrics With iTokri

    If you are a fan of fabrics that look classy and ...

    Get The Best Linen Fabrics With iTokri

    If you are a fan of fabrics that look classy and vibrant at the same time, then you must try out our linen weaves.  Linen weave fabric is a textile made from the fibres of flax plants. Linen fabrics are very resistant and absorbent, which make them better than cotton. However, crafting linen fabrics is a lengthy and challenging process, extracting the fibres from flax plants. These fibres are then spun into yarn and converted into long sheets of the fabric we know as linen. Linen material is highly comfortable and durable. Clothes made out of linen are summer appropriate, as they wick away moisture from the skin and are fast-drying. So if you want to stay calm and stylish this summer, take your pick from our vast collection of linen apparel. You can create a summer wardrobe to stay on trend in this scorching heat. 

    If you wonder where you can get your hands on clothing made of this beautiful fabric, you don’t have to look too far. You can get the best collection of linen fabric online and white linen fabric from iTokri, India’s number one destination for handmade goods. Here at iTokri, we offer multiple products in linen fabrics such as  stoles and  dupattas, which you can style in your unique way to look beautiful! Our linen fabric for sale is just the best, designed exclusively by India’s hardworking and immensely talented artisans. You can buy linen fabric online from the most significant wholesale of linen fabric from iTokri! Get them today before stocks run out!

    Get The Best Fashionable Items With iTokri

    While you’re here to shop for linen clothing, why not explore our other beautiful collections? Check out the beautiful  banarasi silk,  chikankari material,  kalamkari saree,  kalamkari dupattas, and many more? 

    All the materials available from iTokri are of superior quality. The designs and styles are mesmerizing and unique because they are handwoven and brought to you straight from the workshops of local artisans who have an artistic lineage in these traditional arts and crafts. We curate each item with care to provide you with the best that ethnic India has to offer. 

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri has won the trust of its customers through the assured quality of our products and excellent service. We have taken an oath to serve our customers in the best way possible, and all the positive reviews on our website are a testament to our commitment. Bring a unique traditional touch to your wardrobe and house, and support the local artisans through this pandemic. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite items today!


    1. What type of fabric is linen?

    Linen fabric is a natural fabric that is extracted from the fibres of the flax plant. It takes longer to craft linen material because the fibres from flax plants can be challenging to weave. But linen is very comfortable and lasts for a long time.

    2. Is linen a good fabric?

    Yes, linen is a fantastic fabric. It is super comfortable and best for summers. It makes you look super stylish yet keeps you satisfied. It is also highly durable and robust. So, linen has gained worldwide popularity and is in high demand everywhere.

    3. Where did linen originate?

    Linen is made from flax plants. This is one of the oldest plants used by human beings to make fabric. Linen has been found in Egyptian tombs and even at the prehistoric site near Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

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