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Beautiful Madhubani Handicraft Textiles & Accessories

Hoard up on Beautiful Madhubani Handicraft Accessories to go with the Gorgeous Garments in your Wardrobe

Madhubani painting or Mithila painting is a form of folk art that originated in India in the Mithila regions of India and Nepal. This form of painting was named after the district where it is being practised even now, that is, the Madhubani district of Bihar. Madhubani paintings involve the use of many tools, some of which are nib-pens, twigs, brushes, matchsticks and even fingers. The colours used for these paintings are sourced from nature. Madhubani paintings are characterised by mind-blowing geometrical patterns. These paintings are done during festivals like Kali Puja, Holi, Durga Puja etc. Explore the beauty of Madhubani art through the wide collection at iTokri.

Buy Best-Selling Madhubani Handicrafts and Accessories Exclusively from iTokri

  1. Machhli Jal ki Rani - Madhubani Handpainted Wooden Ring: when you think of jewellery, one of the first things that would come to my mind is a ring. Though not all of us wear rings that often, they are quite important accessories that can elevate your look. So check out this beautiful wooden ring with Madhubani paintings of fishes and add it to your wardrobe before they are sold out!
  2. Vasudha - Madhubani Handpainted Wooden Necklace Set - Any traditional outfit is incomplete without a matching necklace set. This Madhubani painted wooden necklace set with earrings is one of the best pieces you can have in your wardrobe.
  3. Mayuri - Madhubani Hand Painted Wooden Earrings - One piece of jewellery that is absolutely mandatory nowadays are earrings. This pair of wooden earrings with bright Madhubani peacocks painted on it.
  4. Traditional Madhubani Hand-Painted Chanderi Silk Handloom Dupatta - Now that you have gotten familiar with the accessories in this collection, here is a Handloom chanderi silk dupatta with gorgeous traditional Madhubani paintings on it done by hand. You can pair it with various suits to elevate your look.
  5. Madhubani Hand-Painted Wooden box - A daily essential or home decor, boxes are important parts of a household. This wooden box is hand-painted with traditional Madhubani art and is a must-have in your home. Also check the beautiful  handloom sarees,  jewellery and accessories, and many more online.

Why Choose iTokri?

Besides the above-listed items such as jewellery, home decor and essentials and garments, you would also find more items in our Madhubani collections. Some of these items include cushion covers, home decors like wall hangings, wall clocks, paintings and much more. Not only do we curate the best items in each of our collections, but we also provide a wide range of products for you to choose from. So check out our collections and grab your favourites now!


Q1. What is Madhubani painting and how is it done?

Ans. Madhubani or Mithila painting is a form of folk art that originated from the Mithila region which includes northern Bihar and the eastern Terai of Nepal. This type of painting is generally done by women of the Mithila region. Such paintings are done on occasions like births, marriages or religious festivals. The colours used are natural and sourced from flowers, leaves etc. Nib pens and brushes of various sizes are used for the drawing of images while these are filled with colours with brushes, fingers, twigs or matchsticks.

Q2. Where is Madhubani painting done?

Ans. The art of Madhubani is mainly practised in the Madhubani town of Bihar and Ranti and Jitwarpur villages in the Madhubani district. You will also find it being practised in the Darbhanga district of Bihar.