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Manipuri Weave Cotton Dress Materials

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Manipur is a state in the far northeast of India, surrounded by Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Indian states of Assam, Bengal, and Nagaland. Its landscape ranges from the hills of the east to the plains of the west, where the rivers of the state flow into the Brahmaputra River. Manipur is also known for its unique and colorful fabrics, an integral part of the Manipuri dress. 

The word Manipuri is derived from Manipuri dress materials, also known as Manipuri textiles, a set of textiles produced in Manipur, India. They are characterized by bold geometric patterns and are handwoven on wooden looms. Manipuri textiles are a vibrant industry that is often overlooked but essential to Manipur’s economy. They are a unique type of textile that has been handed down through generations and has been adapted to suit the wearer's needs. The most common material used in Manipuri dresses is silk. Silk was initially introduced to Manipur through trade with China, but the Manipuris soon learned how to weave their silk and use it for their dresses.

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Manipuri dress materials are a fascinating aspect of Manipur’s material culture. The region has a unique textile tradition reflected in its dress materials. Manipur has a wide range of materials, ranging from elaborate bridal wear to everyday dresses. Their bold colors and intricate designs characterize the materials. Manipuri dresses are known for their bright colors and detailed designs. The traditional dress for Manipuri women includes Innaphi, a shawl, a phanek, and a sarong wrapped around the skirt. Similarly, the Manipuri men wear a jacket, a dhoti, and a white turban or pagri. 

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1. What is Manipuri embroidery?

Manipuri embroidery is a unique embroidery style that uses one stitch, in deference to the weavers in the area. The threads are untwisted silk threads that match the dark shade. 

2. Which type of fibers is used in the dresses in Manipur?

Most silk saris are woven on either shuttle looms or fly shuttle looms. The fiber is 100% silk (Eri) with a 20/22 Denier.

3. What is Manipuri fabric?

Manipur is famous for its special fabrics like leirum, lasingphee, and phanek. There are different types of textiles being woven by the tribal people in hill regions. Sometimes the belts are woven out of bamboo and other similar types of material.