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Mashru Sling Bags

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The invention of uncountable things has made man's life easier since the beginning of civilization. It has been said that bags are one of humanity's most valuable inventions despite their simplicity. One of the most important benefits of a bag is that it allows you to carry everything you need in one place and you don't have to search for things when you need them. Nowadays, bags serve different purposes and are available in various types. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of bags depending on their needs. Among the most convenient and fashionable styles of bags are sling bags. Sling bags are ergonomically designed carryalls. Sling bags work differently than other bags because they are designed to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain. Because of their versatility, sling bags are effortless to carry. This eliminates the need to take the bag off and rummage through compartments to locate what you're looking for. As you shift the bag to your front, you will find precisely what you need in the main room right there. With a sling bag, you won't have to adjust straps and zips constantly since they're minimalist and simple yet functional. 

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iTokri offers handcrafted silk sling bags that are both stylish and functional. OurKutchi Embroidery Mirror Work Mashru Silk Sling bagis made from mashru silk fabric and enriched with Kutchi hand embroidered mirror work. The Mashru fabric is a vibrant, sleek fabric often referred to as the master of satin finishes. In Arabic, the word means 'allowed.’ In contrast, in the Sanskrit translation, 'Misru' means 'mixed.’ The Mashru fabric originates in the West Asian region, where its utility made it popular with the Muslim community. The Soof Stitch Embroidery Handloom Mashru Sling Bag is a fine quality that uses stitch embroidery handloom mashru sling bags made of silk. Soof Embroidery is probably one of the best kinds of art amongst Gujarat's and is characterized by colors and mirror works. Soof means neat and clean. By counting the weave of the fabric and inserting the needle at regular intervals, the surface satin stitch is created from the back of the materialGujarat’s To execute soof embroidery designs, the craftswomen need a good understanding of geometry since the methods aren't pre-drawn.  


  • What is the purpose of a sling bag?
  • Ans: As per the definition of a sling bag, it is a bag with one end of the strap attached to the top and the other to the bottom. They are often used as daypacks by people who tire of lugging around their usually large and heavy purses. There is no need to take the bag off and search it like with a backpack. It is convenient, practical, and stylish.  

  • What is a mashru sling bag?
  • Ans: Mashru fabrics are known for their intricate weaves and their remarkable allure. Mashru's pure cotton and silk designs evoke the glitz of bygone eras. It imprints its charisma on bridal trousseau pieces like sarees and lehengas. It has even spread to home décor and accessories. So sling bags made from mashru fabrics are called mashru sling bags.