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Meenakari Work Earrings

Buy Exclusive Meenakari Earrings Online from iTokri

Meenakari craft is an ancient process of painting and colouring metal surfaces. The art is often seen on the covers of jewellery, ornaments, vases, dishes, containers, home decor items, etc. The history of this art can be traced back to 15th century Iran. Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are trendy for Meenakari art. 

Beautiful oxidised Meenakari earrings perfectly complement any  Indian attire. Add an elegant traditional touch to your look, be it Indian or western, for any occasion or event. Pair these unique Meenakari earrings with your kurta, Anarkali suit, saris, and salwar suit and turn heads everywhere you go. The intricate designs of these handcrafted earrings are one of a kind. These earrings are embedded with beautiful stones and beads of multiple colours that add to their beauty.  Choosing the right earrings with the right outfit is a challenging task. But we are at your service as we have curated the best Meenakari earrings that will match any outfit perfectly. 

Catch The Eye Of People Around You With These Elegant Silver Meenakari Earrings 

Buy Meenakari earrings online and enhance your festive look. These earrings showcase the marvellous craftsmanship of expert artisans from various parts of India. Meenakari earrings will add elegance and grace to your face and help you stand out at festivals, functions and parties. A unique pair of earrings is always essential, especially if you’re highly conscious of accessorizing your outfits. We bring you an exquisite collection of Meenakari handcrafted earrings that represent Indian culture and traditional heritage. The best things about these earrings are they are purely eco-friendly and handmade. 

Gift Magnificent Meenakari Earrings To Your Loved Ones

Gift a unique piece of jewellery to your mother, wife, sister or any other loved one who loves to dress up. Make them feel loved by gifting them beautifully crafted silver earrings. Women love jewellery as it adds the finishing touch to their ensemble. Spread a broad smile on the face of the women in your life and express your appreciation towards them. Along with the jewellery, you can explore a wide range of  fabrics,  sarees,  shoulder bags,  anklets and many more.

iTokri brings you a wide range of handcrafted products. We offer the best quality handmade products made by Indian artisans. We also provide excellent customer care services like fast delivery, easy and convenient returns, a reasonable cancellation policy, and international shipping options. 


  1. What are Meenakari earrings?

Enamelling metal surfaces make Meenakari earrings with paints. These earrings are painted with different colours and are embedded with stones and beads. Meenakari art can be used to make other kinds of jewellery as well as many decorative articles.

  1. Which state is famous for Meenakari jewellery?

The Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are famous for Meenakari jewellery. The art form originated in Persia and was brought to India by the Rajputs and Mughals. It was earlier perceived as the hallmark of royalty and became synonymous with Rajput heritage.