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Molded Brass Jewelry

Explore The Exquisite Handpicked Collection Of Brass Accessories Only On iTokri:

Buy exceptionally gorgeous moulded brass jewellery, pure brass rakhi and brass earrings at amazing deals on iTokri. Shop for unique Tribal Dokra Craft Brass Rakhi, elegant Handmade Patwa Threadwork Brass Necklace Set, unique and highly gorgeous Jhilmil necklace and Brass Wire Art rings, brass anklets for a regal ethnic yet chic style in fashion and much more creative and unique pure brass jewellery.

Brass jewellery is aesthetically gorgeous in looks and immensely trendy in style. With intricate and abstract patterns created with beaten brass wires with artistic touches, these beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery are handmade by talented and skilled craftsmen and tribal artisans of India.

Here Are Some Of The Finest Handmade Jewellery To Add To Your Collection!

Buy the most beautifulsilver jewellery, paper mache andpaper quilling jewellery, brass jewellery, stone studded jewellery,jewellery pouches and boxes and more. Also, explore iTokri’s extensive range ofearrings,toe rings,necklace sets, anklets, nose rings, rakhis, etc.

Buy Gorgeous Home Decors And Craftworks From iTokri:

Give your home interiors a traditional Indian makeover with unique Indian artworks like Madhubani paintings hand-painted on handmade natural bases and wood carved figurines of deities, animal clay figurines,paper mache crafts and wall hangings. Not only are these products 100% real and handmade, and hand-painted, but they also are sturdy, long-lasting and high-quality goods.

Why Should You Choose iTokri?

iTokri proves to be the best online site that sells top quality handmade Indian products at ridiculous prices and ships internationally. Find the gorgeous handwoven Indian fabrics, hand-carved home decors, handmade craftworks, wall hangings, handmade jewellery, traditional fashion accessories and unique Indian artworks, gifts for various celebrations and occasions, etc., at attractive deals.

iTokri has been an all-time favourite of customers worldwide because of authentic products, reasonable prices, international and all India shipping facilities and of course, our safe no contact delivery services to protect you and your family in these trying times. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

  • Is brass suitable for jewellery?

Brass’s flexibility and rust resistance are a few of its many good qualities, making it a suitable metal for jewellery. 

  • How durable is gold plated brass?

Gold plated brass jewellery has not that long of durability compared to other jewellery. The gold coating is often prone to flaking off after some time, and the most it can last with proper care is up to a couple of years. 

  • Is brass jewellery worth anything?

Brass jewellery is comparatively low and cheaper than other metals used for jewellery, such as gold or silver. However, despite their selling price, brass jewellery is ancient in the history of jewellery making and has been an absolute favourite because of its gorgeous warm earthly looks and affordability.