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Woolen Mufflers

Update Your Wardrobe for this Winter Season with Beautiful and Stylish Mufflers from iTokri

As the winter sets in around us, it is time to whip out our winters, jackets, and coats from our wardrobes and decide how to style each one in the best way. Imagine you have planned your outfit, including a shirt, jeans and a coat, but you still feel like something is missing and you cannot figure out what. Winter accessories like scarves and mufflers are as crucial to your look as your choice of the outfit itself. Thus, you must choose the best mufflers to go with your look exclusively from the massive range at iTokri!

Buy Best-Quality, Fashionable Mufflers from our Vast Collection Exclusively at iTokri.

  1. Kumaun Hand Knitted Woolen Muffler (45 inches): The first scarf in our wide range is this Kumaun woollen muffler hand-knitted by the talented artisans from Kumaun Uttarakhand. This muffler is 45 inches long and has fringes. You can drape it in various ways to style with each outfit you wear. Besides this muffler, we have more of this style of the same size, so you easily choose your favourites!
  2. Kumaun Hand Knitted Woolen Muffler (47 inches): If you like the muffler listed above, you could also check this one out. It is 47 inches in length, and you can find more mufflers of this size as well.
  3. Kumaun Hand Knitted Woolen Muffler (75 inches): Some outfits call for an elaborately draped muffler or scarf for which you would need a long one. This hand-knitted muffler which is 75 inches in length, is perfect for such occasions.
  4. Kumaun Hand Knitted Woolen Muffler (67 inches): Besides the above-listed muffler, you could also check this 67-inch hand-knitted damper, which would work great when you want to drape it elaborately. 
  5. Kumaun Hand Knitted Woolen Muffler (50 inches): Lastly, this hand-knitted woollen muffler is somewhat in the middle in terms of range and would go well with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri is the place where you not only find the trendiest apparel and accessories all the time, but it is a brand that cares about quality and customer reviews. If you look through the customer reviews on each of our products, you will know why we are one of the top online brands for all things related to Indian culture and heritage. That is one thing we try to upload through all our collections and product ranges.


Q1. How do you make a wool scarf?

Ans. As you would know, wool generally comes from sheep’s fleece but also other animals. So there is a definite technique that is followed while making a wool scarf. This technique would, of course, be different for machine-made wool scarves and hand-knitted ones. To make a wool scarf by hand, you can choose wool of any colour, and you would need to get 5 or 6 50 g balls of yarn. To understand the process of hand knitting a scarf, you could watch any videos readily available on Youtube.

Q2.Can mufflers keep you warm?

Ans. During winters, we tend to feel cold when our neck, feet or ears are not covered. To keep yourself warm, mufflers are the ideal choice. Not only will they provide you with warmth all day long, but you can also try out various draping styles to keep looking fashionable every time you go out.