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Mural Painted Earrings of Kerala

Mural Painted Earrings of Kerala

Earrings are one of the most accessible accessories to style with your outfit. With the right pair, you will look put together in no time. If you have been looking for new designs that you can wear with all kinds of outfits, you should check out iTokri. Also, if you want to buy earrings online, iTokri is the perfect place to go. The most popular earrings these days are the kind that look like statement pieces. Apart from wooden and oxidised, colourful earrings are also trending these days. Mural painting earrings are some of the best jewellery pieces that you can invest in if you are a jewellery lover. Mural painting earrings are a speciality of artisans in Kerala. 

They use bright colours such as red, yellow, and green over earrings to create jewellery that tells you a story. They are painted on engineered wood and use colourful motifs. The drawings can include floral patterns, birds, and faces as well. You can pair up Kerala painting earrings with sarees, suits, and even western wear. They look very detailed and heavy; however, they are mostly lightweight. They are signature pieces. If you wear one, you won’t need to pair it up with any other accessory. 

Why Choose iTokri 

iTokri, an  Indian handicraft store has been dedicated to bringing Indian arts and crafts to the people in the most ethical way possible. There is a direct link between the artists and the profits their art generates. By using iTokri for your handicraft needs, you will be able to partake ethically and sustainably. iTokri has affordable and durable options for all things, be it clothes or jewellery. You can choose from a wide variety of things. If you are looking for  sarees online, then iTokri has a wide range of those in all kinds of fabrics. You can choose from Jamdani to Bhagalpuri silk. They are categorised based on dyes and the type of art painted on them. The colour rarely bleeds, and these are all cost-effective. 

iTokri also has natural stone necklaces that you can choose from. It is also the best place to buy  cotton dress material online,  fabrics online, and even good quality cotton masks. Our collection of fabrics includes but is not limited to - cotton, linen, wool, the silk of all kinds. We also have different popular traditional prints such as Ikat, Baghru and Ajrakh. You can choose fabrics and get them stitched into something you like or prefer from our clothing collections for all ages and genders. You can now match your clothes with your  masks online and attain the best college and office look. While you're at it, buy the painted earrings to charm everyone ultimately. 

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  1. What do paint earrings look like?

Painted earrings have a delicate look to them. They are usually fine-painted floral motifs and geometric designs. They are done on wood. 

  1. Where can I get the best hand-painted jewellery?

iTokri has an extensive collection of hand-painted earrings that you can choose from.