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    New Year Diaries

    The Importance of Diaries

    Keeping a diary has several benefits. It helps you organize yo...

    The Importance of Diaries

    Keeping a diary has several benefits. It helps you organize your thoughts in an effective manner so you can track down your feelings and emotions. You can write down your goals and keep a check on the progress you have made in achieving them. You can note down your innovative ideas every time it comes to mind. You don’t need to scramble for a piece of paper and a pen every time a thought strikes you hard and you want to note it down. It is a good space to write down your experiences and your memories. There are several different types of diaries that you can keep – a normal everyday diary, a gratitude journal, a travel diary, even a digital diary and so many others. What we know about history today is that people back then kept a diary to record the incidents that took place. Diaries are a good way to vent out our frustrations and our own safe space, like a person we can trust in to not spilling our secrets. It has a lot of psychological benefits as well. It helps you be more self-aware and reflect your own thought processes as well as improves your memory. If you love writing, it can also boost your writing skills. 

    The Uniqueness Of Handmade Diaries

    Sure, you will find a ton of diaries online and in any stationary shop. But mass-produced diaries can only get a little unique if not more. Each diary is made by a skilled craftsman who puts in his/her story behind its creation. They are made out of recycled products which benefit our environment. Each design has its own meaning and symbolism which is a unique concept because a diary in itself is a unique representation of a person. Hand made diaries can be customized as per personal preference which can add another unique touch to them. They can be created based on mood and the theme or the type of diary it is supposed to be. It is one of the best gift options to give someone who likes to journal every day. With the new year approaching us so soon, most people would be preparing to purchase a new diary as one of the best  new year gifts – a fresh start for the new year  greeting cards with a clean slate. Just like a greeting card, you can write more than a quote or a message for your loved one and give them one.

     At iTokri, we value creativity and thus, the creation of the mind is a wondrous thing. This paired with our range of beautifully created products are some of the best new year gift options. We have a variety of creative handmade diaries that you will find online with each product having its own story. The best part of it all, our steps in the manufacturing process are all eco-friendly, our paper is hand made out of recycled cotton rags and other fibres. It is like uniqueness and the care for nature in one package! Visit us to find the best handmade diaries online. 

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