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    New Year Greeting Cards

    Here’s Why Greeting Cards Are So Special!

    The tradition of sending greeting cards dates back to the 15th century in ancient Egypt, where they would send greetings to each other on papyrus scrolls. The Chinese would also send each additional note of good luck in the new year in China. Even in Europe, exchanging cards was as persistent as in the other countries. Since then, the long tradition of exchanging greeting cards has prevailed and goes strong even in this new era of technology. The modern-day greetings card was first introduced by John Callcott Horsley, who designed the first Christmas card in 1843, which began the mass production of greeting cards on a commercial scale. The digital age might indeed be reigning over us swiftly, but it can never beat the old handwritten greeting cards. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday or Christmas Ev; a greeting card can always bring a smile to your face. In addition, a card can evoke a sense of affection and a feeling that the person loves and cares for you, which is not something a simple text message can create. 

    A greeting card can be customised in your way. It can include heartfelt quotes that the person likes. For a poetry enthusiast, you can write a poem with a card theme to match the aesthetic. It can have a book or a movie quote. It can be loaded with pictures, messages and so much more. Also, check the beautiful  new year gifts to start 2022 with all love and smiles. Handmade cards especially add another touch of warmth and care. It is no wonder how excited we get when we receive a card of our own. It is always a reminder of the person you received it from, and every time you miss them, you have something that can help you remind yourself of them. It is also a way we can reminisce about our memories. It helps strengthen your bond with your loved ones, which our social media cannot create. They are a form of self-expression and add significant value to your gifts.  If you are someone, who loves planning, then check out the best  2022 new year diaries, and rock the year.

    The Best Place To Find New Year Greeting Cards Online For 2022!

    With the new year fast approaching, a personalised greeting card will add just about the right touch of happiness and other positive emotions. A handmade greeting card can go a long way in being the best gift you can ever give your loved ones. There are so many different styles, all depicting beautiful artwork. But you’re wondering where to find the best handmade greeting cards online. Then you’ve come to the right place. At iTokri, we have some of the best options to pick from. You’ll find a range of unique and eco-friendly cards and unique designs. Each card has its own lovely story made by skilled artisans using methods that don’t harm the environment. From intricate paintings to different pressed flower ranges, we have it all. So visit our site and find your best pick!

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