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    Exquisite Thread Rakhi

    Get The Best Rakhi Threads From iTokri

    Rakhi is an extraordinary event for all the broth...

    Get The Best Rakhi Threads From iTokri

    Rakhi is an extraordinary event for all the brothers and sisters out there. Every year, we celebrate rakhi to celebrate the beautiful bond that we share with our siblings. Growing up, we get to be with each other, most of the time. We do fight a lot, but that doesn’t make us any fewer friends! It’s actually on the contrary! The more we fight, the more our bond gets stronger! Going to school together to ride our first bicycles together, we set a long journey with them. We learn a lot from each other and support each other no matter what. It is on this day, where we reminisce about all those memories we had growing up. That just gets better with time. So, indeed, rakhi is a special day for all of us. 

    This year, the situation is bad, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating rakhi! Get the best rakhi threads for your brothers and make them happy! Wondering where you can get some beautiful rakhi threads online? You are just at the right place! iTokri has a massive collection of handmade rakhis, which will surely fascinate you with its stunning designs! We have all kinds of  rakhi threads online, starting from handmade rakhi designs,  kids rakhi to gorgeous rakhis and simple thread rakhi. You can buy unique rakhis online for your brother only from iTokri. We have fantastic  rakhi gifts for my sister as well. So, this rakhi, let’s make it memorable for our beloved brothers and sisters!

    Get The Best Gifting Items From iTokri

    Indeed, iTokri has the best collection of rakhis for your brothers, but that is not it! We at iTokri also have many other gift items, including jewellery, jutis, clothing material like saree, salwar, dresses, scarves, accessories like bags, pouches, etc., keychains and a lot of other items in home decor as well. The quality of every item is just excellent, and you can rest assured when you purchase from us!

    Why Choose iTokri?

    There are multiple reasons to choose iTokri. The first is that we, at iTokri, never compromise on the quality of the items. You can see that for yourself on our websites. Second, the positive reviews will prove that we have happy customers all over the country. Finally, we do serve the best to you because that is what we strive to achieve every day.

    Also, during this pandemic situation, things have gotten terrible for everyone. The artisans also have faced a lot in this adversity. So, a little act of kindness from your end can help them and all of us at the team of iTokri. 


    Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

    1. How long do you wear a rakhi thread?

    You can wear it on the rakhi day every day you should open it and keep it somewhere safe. When you wear the threads for too long on your wrist, they will come in touch with air and moisture, which will affect the strength of the thread. Also, the colour will get fade out gradually. 

    2. In which hand rakhi should be tied?

    It is said that you should tie a rakhi on the right hand of your brother. Therefore, right is considered as the better hand to tie a rakhi. 

    3. Who first started the rakhi ceremony?

    The famous writer and poet Rabindranath Tagore first started the rakhi ceremony in Bengal. When Bengal was being divided into two, he started this ceremony to make people remember that all of us are brothers and sisters, no matter how much we are drifted by distance. 

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