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Tarkashi by Master craftmen Ramsingh Kumawat

Choose the Best Wooden Accessories for your Hair and go with your Garments from our Collection at iTokri.

We have all been using plastic accessories since forever. However, we are now seeing a change in the markets and trends; wooden accessories are cropping up more. We are now witnessing wooden combs in the market, online and offline as well. But these are not just because they look stylish. If we speak about wooden combs or hair accessories, they are better for your hair as they are negatively charged like your hair. This results in smooth glossy hair when you use wooden combs. Besides, that wooden hair also distributes the natural oils in your scalp more evenly, thus making your hair look healthier and bouncy as well. iTokri brings you wooden accessories for your hair and to go with your outfit.

Buy the Top-Rated Wooden Accessories Exclusively Available Online at iTokri.

  1. Hand Carved Tarkashi Inlay Sheesham Wooden Hair clip: If you have long hair, you would know the struggle of finding a hair clutch or pin that stays in place but also looks and feels good. But your dilemma ends here, for we have the perfect choice of hair clip for you made of Sheesham wood and is excellent in looks.
  2. Hand Carved Tarkashi Inlay Sheesham Wooden Hair Clip: If you like the look of the first clip but are looking for something in a different shape, this is the one for you. Shaped like an elongated diamond, it could probably be something you haven't seen before. So just grab it and add it to your collection!
  3. Hand Carved Tarkashi Abnoos Wooden Earrings: Moving on from hair accessories, if you are a sucker for wooden earrings, here is one that would completely steal your heart. Not only does it look so unique but you could pair it with many kinds of outfits too.
  4. Hand Carved Tarkashi Wooden Earrings: Like the earrings listed before, this pair is another gorgeous piece to add to your collection. This too has a unique shape and is very stylish.

Why choose iTokri?

Though wooden accessories,whether for your hair or to go with your garments, are very much in demand and should be used more than plastic, you might find it challenging to find such wooden accessories. It is tough to find these offline and even online. But fret not, for iTokri has got you covered. We have a great collection of wooden accessories for you, as we have listed above!


Q1. How good are wooden accessories?

Ans. Wooden accessories are firstly better for the planet. We can reduce our carbon footprint by using fewer plastic products. Plastic accessories do not add to our physical health and look in any way either. At the same time, wooden accessories look good and great if you use them for your hair. You should try and switch to wooden accessories if you haven't already.

Q2. Why include wooden products in haircare?

Ans. As we have mentioned before, wooden hair accessories do wonders for the look and health of your hair. Wooden combs have a negative charge just like your hair and thus leave your hair looking shiny, glossy and bouncier. Moreover, wooden combs also promote hair growth and prevent tangled or limp hair.