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Sanganeri Block Printed Cotton Kaftans

Buy Sanganeri Cotton Kaftans For Women At iTokri

Want to add something more fashionable to your wardrobe this summer? Thought of getting a fresh, summer kaftan to wear? If not, then here’s your chance to try them out. Kaftans are such a vibrant piece of clothing that can be tweaked here and there and you always have a new look to go with. They are versatile pieces of clothing that are airy, flowy and worn loose. Perhaps, the only loose clothing article we all would willingly wear all the time.

When it comes to different patterns and designs you will find a wide variety of women's cotton kaftans. With a vivid range of colours, and a plethora of patterns you will always have a fun time picking out the one you like. A block-print kaftan will completely elevate your style game and help you wow the crowd off wherever you go. Block prints are very classic and give a chic vibe which makes them a perfect pattern to pick for several occasions. 

Here’s your chance to try out something new, something fresh. A sanganeri printed kaftan will add a refreshing touch to your clothing collection with its bright colours and delicate patterns. Whether it’s a summer hangout with your friends or just a normal day lounging at home, you can adorn a sanganeri cotton kaftan to stay comfortable the whole day. 

Sanganeri prints come from the Sanganer town of Rajasthan and are one of the oldest existing prints dating back to the 16th Century. The patterns are usually inspired by elements of nature such as flowers and leaves and the dyes for these prints were derived from nature. Wooden or metal blocks are used to engrave the unique designs onto the cloth. 

If you like having traditional prints from all across the country, then you should check out iTokri’s range of sanganeri kaftans for women. Crafted by incorporating this gorgeous traditional form of printing, this block-print kaftan is sure to make you feel as beautiful as its designs. Whether you want to always stay trendy or want something that makes you feel like you are in the presence of the light summer breeze, a sanganeri printed kaftan is a must-have for you. 

So, leave all of your hesitancies at rest and browse through our collection of sanganeri cotton kaftans online. From dresses to top style pieces to pair up with your favourite leggings or jeans, we have a variety for you to pick from. So, buy sanganeri kaftans cotton material and be ready for summer. 

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1 Why sanganeri prints are on trend?

Sanganeri prints have intricate floral prints with exceptional minute details that give it a very classically elegant look. This is why these prints are in trend. 

2 Where can I get the best sanganeri kaftans?

At iTokri, you will find the most authentic and unique sanganeri hand block printed kaftans in different colours and patterns. 

3 What is sanganeri print in fabrics?

Sanganeri print makes use of wooden or metal blocks and has motifs of nature such as flowers and leaves. It is one of the oldest printing techniques.