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    Founded in 2010, Shapes & Shades has decades of experience, and has an excellent reputation as a capable team of designers, drafters, 3D renderers, supervisors, accountants, and more. They believe in developing your emotions and passions when designing your space. Their obsession is original interiors with original wonders. They should add life to your dreams as an early step in understanding your vision. Moving on, the skill master sketches out plans for the other teams. As soon as you get to where you started planning. This is their vision and passion.

    Enlighten Your House With Handmade Clay Candle Holders

    Candles are an effective way to create atmosphere and can help with mood and lighting. Candles also symbolize pure light and reflect the \"divine\" light, which is of...

    Enlighten Your House With Handmade Clay Candle Holders

    Candles are an effective way to create atmosphere and can help with mood and lighting. Candles also symbolize pure light and reflect the "divine" light, which is often associated with God. Candles are quiet, inconspicuous, and a great way to add some ambiance to your home without having to make a big investment.Candles, known for their highly-reflective light, are viewed as a symbol of positive energy, yet they are also a lighting source that has no danger of running out. They come in various styles such as pillar candles, pillar pendants, taper candles, tea light candles, sugar wafers, and beeswax candles.

    Candle holders, or candlestick holders, are small, ornate containers that hold a candle, usually during religious services and other ceremonies. Candle holders were originally fashioned from materials such as precious metals, stones, and ivory, but in the 18th century, they often began to be made of porcelain. Candles can be dangerous and therefore require utmost safety precautions while using them. Handmade clay candle holders have many functions that it serves and cannot be ignored. 

    Clay candle holders are a great way to bring the earthy and warm feeling to the atmosphere surrounding your house. While candle holders definitely give support to candles they are also a great decor item. Candle holder decor items can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can check out our candle holder online webpage where you will find a huge beautiful collection of clay candle holders. 

    Buy Candle Holders Online From iTokri At The Best Prices

    At iTokri you can find various types of candle holders such as geometric candle holders, clay tealight candle holders, shape n shade clay candle holders, and other handpainted clay candle holders. There are end number of benefits of using candle holders including:

    1. They provide great support to candles based on the size of their base. They can help candles stand upright and keep them in place. They prevent candles from falling on their own and avoiding fire to run out. 
    2. Aid in the prevention of hot wax spills is another function of candle holders. The fact that candle holders prevent hot wax from spilling all over the place and creating an unpleasant mess is another important benefit of candle holders. Burns can occur from hot wax, and your furniture and tables may also be ruined by it. 
    3. Make as an excellent room decor item. Enhancing your party or home décor with candle holders is equally important. Multiply the candles in candle holders for a stunning ambiance by clustering them together. Our handpainted candle holders have unique designs and vibrant colors that match the aesthetics of your house. We have an extensive collection of candle holders. So we have a matching candle holder for the ambience of every house. You have the freedom to choose the best clay candle holder that will add the charm to your home. 

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    Every house has a different ambiance created by the family members, type of furniture, and interior design that is used. At iTokri you can find the perfect match for every type of vibe in a house. The various styles, shapes, sizes, design,s and colors of our clay candle holders provide you the opportunity to decorate your house furniture the way you want to. Apart from that we also have best collection ofwooden carving,Iron decor, wall decor,Hand crafted toys,macrame products,home furnishing,Incense Cones, and other handicraft products. 


    What kind of clay is used for candle holders?

    To make a candle holder using clay usually air dry clay is used. It is safe to use air dry clay until and unless you have an insert that can protect the clay. 

    Are clay candle holders safe?

    Definetly, clay candle holders are safe. They have been used by many households because they are safe as well as attractive. 

    How do you remove wax from surfaces?

    A damp, lint-free white cloth should be placed over the wax and an iron should be used at medium-low heat to adhere the wax to the cloth. Any residue should be removed with rubbing alcohol.

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