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    Shibori Tie & Dye Stoles

    Stoles as a Fashion Statement:

    Stoles are a massively popular and well-loved addition to outfits as it brings more colour and style to the look. Get the most beautiful handwoven silk weave stoles, cotton weave stoles, or designer banarasi stole from iTokri, the most trusted online Indian store. Stoles are a great accessory to go with any type of outfit, be it casual, traditional, ceremonial, modern or a formal look.

    Types Of Stoles From iTokri That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

    iTokri provides a wide array of handmade stoles that range from soft pastel tie-dyed stoles to designer Banarasi stoles. The collection of handmade stoles include the  winter stoles,  silk weave stoles,  ajrak printing stoles,  Kantha work stoles,  bandhani tie-dye stoles,  phulkari embroidered stoles, and many others, all available online at iTokri. Explore the wide varieties of traditional wear at iTokri like the handwoven sarees-  jamdani silk saree, designer silk saree with embroidery, banarasi silk saris, embroidery cotton saree, Tussar silk sari etc.


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. How is a tie-dye stole made?

    Tie and dye stoles are easy to make. Different techniques of doing this process, like- the salt resist tie-dye technique or tie-dyeing with food colours for home experiments with fabric and strings or the professional artistic way of doing it with tie and dye kits and numerous others. The easiest way is to tie up patches of cloth with lines in a particularly twisted way and then soak it in a tub of water with fabric colours or pigments in it for some hours. The dried-up stole will then contain a wild, vibrant pattern of colours on the fabric. Tie-dye is a popular way to colour up your wardrobe and give it an arty vibe.

    2. How are iTokri stoles unique from the others?

    iTokri is the most trusted Indian online store that provides authentic handmade products as they partner up with many small companies and organisations that work with rural artisans and independent artists all over India. iTokri has the best collection of the most exquisite handmade stoles available in the country. Several groups of stoles on iTokri range from handloom soft cotton stoles and vibrant tie-dye stoles to Bengal Kantha Tussar silk stoles and designer Banarasi stoles with zari embroidery work. 

    Thus all products at iTokri are genuine, handmade and have the ethnic taste of India to them. Moreover, at iTokri, we have a customer-friendly website where it is easy to explore and visit the exquisite collections of traditional Indian chic wears like the handwoven sarees that range from the simply gorgeous and comfortable cotton sarees to Bomkai saris, Jamdani sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Banarasi saris and a lot more.

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