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    Shibori Fabric Cover Diaries

    Shibori Tie-Dye Fabric in Stationery

    Beautiful stationery is something that a lot of people are fond of. More than using it, it is about collecting the prettiest notebooks and journals that you can, simply because of the aesthetic value. If you are into collecting stationary, you must know how normal it is to never write in them, but merely look at the beautiful print and keep it back. If you want to add to your collection, iTokri has some good news. We have some beautiful Shibori cover diaries that you can buy. If you have someone into stationary or pretty things, you can also use these as a gift idea for them. These handmade diaries are beautiful, made with care, and are entirely sustainable.

    Cover Diaries on iTokri

    These fabrics cover diaries are the latest trend because they look beautiful, sturdy, and made with ethically sourced materials. The fabric used is the leftovers from clothing pieces, and they are always made and dyed by artisans all over India who are trying their best to keep the arts and crafts of India alive. You can buy handmade diaries online on iTokri. The range is full of beautiful affordable designs, and will ultimately add the satisfaction feel for your collections. So be it college or office, be a trendy person who even has stationary that has its personality. There is a comprehensive collection oftye-dye fabric handmade diaries on our website that you can choose from. The colours are beautiful pastels and rich shades, all dyed with natural dyes that will not bleed and are suitable for the environment.

    Why Choose iTokri

    iTokri is known for its wide variety of ethically sourced and sustainable products. Everything is made suitable for the environment, whether clothes, footwear, jewellery, or even accessories and decorative material. iTokri aims to bring India's arts and crafts to the international market while making sure the artisans are getting their dues paid. Not just these Shibori print fabric cover diaries; you can also find  Ikat print fabrics in various things such as clothes, diaries, and even handbags.

    If you are looking for suitable  fabrics online, you have come to the right place. iTokri has a wide range of fabrics, from different materials such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool to other prints such as  Bagh print fabrics,  Handloom Ikat print fabrics, etc. With the current trend of staying safe while also looking fashionable, if you look for good  masks online that look stylish while being comfortable, you should check out our section of masks. You can match them with your clothes to create a uniform and chic look.


    1.    What is Ajrakh's print cover?

    Ajrakh print is the name for the unique block print found in the Sindh region of Pakistan and the Kutch region of Gujarat. It is usually differentiated from others because of its repeated motifs that are geometric designs.

    1.    Why are handmade diaries unique?

    Handmade diaries have unique prints and beautiful papers rare in other brand notebooks and diaries. These look beautiful and are classy. Hence they are amazing.



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