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Silk Weave Sarees on iTokri

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Beautiful Silk Sarees at iTokri

Sarees mark the heart of India’s traditional wear and are so versatile that you can find one to fit every occasion – from party wear to formal to one that can be worn during religious functions. Every Saree has its essence, which makes the outfit stand out differently paired with different fabrics, designs, and handlooms. At iTokri, you find a diverse collection of sarees that suit your tastes and are friendly to your pockets. Besides, our manufacturing process is entirely eco-friendly, and our handwoven techniques do not make use of machinery and the like, so isn’t it a win-win?

Silk is procured from the cocoons of a silkworm which are processed in factories to obtain threads which are then dipped into different dyes to get several colours. A traditional spinning wheel is used to spin the lines later woven together and then sent for other designs. Silk sarees curated in India are known for their lusciousness and beauty and an intricate inculcation of different handicraft styles that make them all the more popular! Silk weave saree surely knows how to elevate your look and give you an aura of elegance. Check out our collection of handloom silk cotton sarees that skilled artisans surely make to fit your tastes.

Buy Exclusive Silk Weave Sarees Online At iTokri.

Find authentic as well as designer silk sarees online at iTokri. We have a wide range of silk weave sarees of different types such as Uppada Pattu Kanchi Silk cotton, the Kuppadam Silk Cotton, traditional embroidered sarees like the Bengal Kantha Hand Embroidery, and so much more! Silk weave saree online at iTokri are made in mind quality and comfort.

Find The Best Handicrafts at iTokri.

If you love handicrafts and want to explore the world, even more, you are at the right place. At iTokri, you will find a diverse range of traditional handicrafts made by artisans all over India, showcasing their skills. With a mix of vibrancy, creativity and innovation, you will find the most beautiful and authentic products here. From home décor to gifting to clothing, we have everything in every category. iTokri is one of the best places if you are looking for unique fabrics online collections in India. For our saree lovers, explore our bandhani tye-dye cotton saree collection and handwoven banarasi saree and give your wardrobe a makeover.


1] What is a silk weave saree?

A silk weave saree is made out of silk threads of different colours. They are generally softer and gives a richer look compared to other materials available.

2] Which type of silk saree is best?

There are different types of silk sarees available like chanderi silk, Chettinad silk, banarasi silk, ikat silk, and many more. Compared to all the types of silk, the banarasi silk saree is the best and very popular amongst many people.

3] How are silk sarees woven?

Silk obtained from the cocoon of silkworms is woven on shuttle-looms made out of wood and rope, and later, the yarn is used to weave the sarees on the looms.