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    South Dress Materials

    iTokri’s Range Of Beautiful South Cotton Suit Materials

    The South cotton dress material is one of the most popular types of fabrics in use today is traditional clothing for daily wear. Since this textile is naturally organic, no synthetic materials are used. Cotton cl...

    iTokri’s Range Of Beautiful South Cotton Suit Materials

    The South cotton dress material is one of the most popular types of fabrics in use today is traditional clothing for daily wear. Since this textile is naturally organic, no synthetic materials are used. Cotton cloth is made from the fibers that cover cotton seeds, which emerge as rounded, fluffy structures once they are grown. South Cotton, which is sourced from the southern regions of India, is a comfortable and long-lasting material that imitates a rich handloom texture and is available in a wide range of patterns.

    South Cotton, an all-season fabric made from just cotton fibers, can be tailored to create outfits for different occasions. The handwoven material gives a sophisticated look and is thoughtfully designed by our designers to bring you the latest contemporary designs while still holding on to tradition. 

    Why choose South Dress Material?

    South Cotton is a resilient fabric that mimics the lush cotton texture. The fiber is most frequently spun into yarn or thread. It is known that cotton has been used as fabric since the prehistoric era. The south dress material is ideal for tropical climates since it is very moisture-wicking and highly water absorbing, but it also dries quickly. The fabric can be washed in hot water, and it also drapes beautifully and forms gorgeous Kurtis and clothing for daily wear. This fabric has been praised for its excellent breathability and lightness since the beginning of cotton farming. Although cotton cloth has a similar degree of softness to silk and wool, it retains heat better than either material alone.

    South Indian Dress Materials


    3pc Dharwad Cotton Suit Material Set


    3pc Original Mangalagiri Handloom Cotton Suit Material Set with Zari Border


    2pc Pochampally Ikat Mercerised Cotton Handloom Suit Material Set


    3pc Kalamkari Block Print Natural Dyed Cotton Suit Material Set


    Explore south dress material collection for an exclusive range of handloom south cotton dress material.

    Why to Choose iTokri?

    iTokri brings to you the finest handloom south cotton suit material in a variety of printing styles such as Block printing and mirror threadwork. The fabric is breathable and is perfect for daily use in Indian weather. We have a large variety of south Indian cotton suits for you to choose from and can be bought as a single piece or as a set of 3 pieces. Our collection of south Indian cotton suits has been immensely successful and we strive to bring you the best south Indian cotton dress material online. Buy unstitched south Indian Dress material made out of pure cotton and get it delivered directly to your doorstep. South Indian cotton suits make for a beautiful gift this festive season. At iTokri you can also explore dress materials of different fabrics and artwork i.e.  block printed dress material,  batik printed dress material,  handloom dress material,  chanderi silk dress material,  banarasi dress material,  Manipuri weave dress material,  handwoven dress material,  maheshwari dress material,  mangalgiri dress material and many more.


    What is the South cotton fabric?

    In the southern states, upland cotton predominates and is also referred to as South Indian cotton. Mostly it is Pima cotton and is unusually delicate and resilient because of its extra-long fibers. This cotton is used to create luxurious and long-lasting bedding, towels, and other high-quality products and is perfect for south cotton suit material. The southern regions of India are where great cotton is produced since it needs a warm atmosphere to grow. South Cotton originates from the southern regions of India and has a delicate yet robust texture that resembles a rich handwoven texture. It is available in a variety of patterns. South Cotton, a fabric made entirely of cotton fibers, is suitable for all seasons and may be transformed into event-specific attire.

    How to care for south cotton fabric?

    If you're washing cotton by hand or in a washing machine, wash it in cold water that is at 30°C or below for best results. When clothing comes out of the washer, gently stretch it to restore its shape. Always let your garments air dry and hang them up to avoid the sun if you can. For cotton, either a gentle machine wash or a cool hand wash is advised. To prevent fading, tumble dry on a cool setting or dry in the shade. Use the linen setting on a warm or hot iron. All of these items aid in keeping clothing and other products in good condition and usable shape.

    Is South cotton good for summer?

    One of the greatest materials for summer and warm weather is our south cotton suit material.  It is not only inexpensive and widely accessible, but it also works well in the heat. Cotton is pliable, light, airy, and absorbent, allowing heat to dissipate from the body and keeping you cool. Our South Cotton dress material is a fabric that is adaptable and can be used for a variety of things, making it a versatile choice for summer clothing. Additionally, wear cotton clothing in the summer as cotton draws perspiration from the body and exposes it to the air for quick evaporation, keeping the body cool.


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