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Swami Janakidas Natungram Wood Crafts Handcarved Sculptures

Wooden Sculptures on iTokri- a brief introduction to this gorgeous collection at a glance!

Nothing comes close to dethroning the elegant and enchanting wooden craft works and sculptures of West Bengal, India.

Some of iTokri’s exquisite collection of magnificent traditional Burdwan Wood craft sculptures include- Wood carved Owls, Wood carved figures of deities in Hinduism, hand-painted wood craft of owl, traditional tribal craft works of people figurines carved out of wood.

These hand-carved wooden owls and wooden dolls of iTokri are made of natural mahogany wood and skilled artisans of Burdwan in West Bengal carve out wooden owls and dolls and hand paint them in vibrant and attractive shades. Owl wood sculptures have been a popular craft work not only in West Bengal but in many parts of India as well. Wooden owl decors and toys are believed to bring prosperity in a household and they symbolize a lot of positive things not only in traditional Indian history but in many cultures all across the world. Owl wood carving has always been the most popular amongst other wood carvings because of what they symbolize and represent spiritually. Buy wood-carved owls from iTokri’s gorgeous collection of wooden owls for sale.

Wooden dolls collection of iTokri includes figurines of deities intricately carved by master craftsmen of West Bengal, making these pieces of art exceptionally wonderful in terms of looks and quality. Other figurines and wooden dolls are of traditional Indian Royal couples.  

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  • How are wood sculptures made?

Wood sculptures take a lot of time and skill to be carved into gorgeous, eye-catching pieces of art. The basic tools necessary for this craft are a particular knife, sharp cutters, a chisel, and a hammer. With just these basic tools, skilled artisans and craftsmen make intricate and immensely gorgeous wood carving and wood sculptures. 

  • What does an owl statue symbolize?

Owls have a strange and interesting history with mankind and their mythical tales. In Hinduism, owls are wildly popular for mythical references as Goddess Laksmi’s Vahana. Thus in Hinduism, owls represent good luck, wealth, health, prosperity, and wisdom.

In Greek stories, owls are Olympian Athena’s companion and patron animal, making them the symbol of wit, wisdom, and even strength.

In Chinese Taoism, the God Feng Shui, patron god of money and wealth, is related to the supernatural belief of owls being the symbol of protection against misfortune, wisdom, and prosperity.

In a much more spiritual meaning, owls, being a nocturnal creature and related to so many myths and cultures worldwide, represent the moon goddess and bravery and magic.

In more practical reasoning, it is put on an elevated outdoor space like rooftops to act like a scarecrow for birds.