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Tarkashi Work Jewelry & Accessories

Look Gorgeous With Tarkashi Jewellery & Accessories From iTokri

As an ardent lover of jewellery, what piece are you planning to purchase this season!? This is the season of being more connected to nature, to our roots! So why not get something that will keep you closer to the serenity of nature? How about some beautiful wood carved earrings or other wooden jewellery? Among the innumerable varieties of wooden carved jewellery, Tarkashi work is the most beautiful and highly in demand. Tarkashi work is the technique of inlaying very fine wire work of brass copper or silver within carved wood. It has been practised for many centuries and is one of the most magnificent traditional craftworks of Rajasthan. 

Tarkashi work can be used to craft beautiful wooden earrings, hair clips, and various other accessories. To get your hands on these unique wooden earrings and this beautiful tarkashi jewellery online, shop at iTokri!   iTokri has an amazing collection of these ravishing hand-carved wooden earrings and other Tarakshi jewellery. These are exclusively brought to you by the very hardworking and talented traditional artisans of India. Our fascinating collection of authentic Tarkashi jewellery is the product of generations of these artisans’ unique wood earring ideas and skilled craftsmanship. You can buy wood earrings online in India from iTokri, India’s number one destination for handmade products! 

Get The Best Jewellery From iTokri

The iTokri handicraft store has the best collection of Tarkashi wood carved earrings and other accessories. But that’s not it! We also have a plethora of other items as well, exclusively for our lovely customers. The fascinating designs of these items and their superior quality is what wins everyone’s heart! This includes items like sareeskurtas,hair bandssaree pinscombsbagspouches and a lot more! iTokri is a rich basket of amazing items where you find the true essence of India. All of our products are fully handmade, so you can rest assured of an authentic purchase.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri has taken an oath to serve the best to our customers. This is the reason why we never compromise on the quality of our products. The positive reviews on our website attest to the fact that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. 

Also, the pandemic has dried up the revenue stream for regional artisans, who rely heavily on their craft which has been honed and passed down from generation to generation. Buy from iTokri and support these artisans as we ensure that traditional arts and crafts stay alive in our country. When you choose iTokri, you choose the best. What are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourites today!  


Some of the most frequently asked questions are: 

1.  What type of wood is used for earrings?

Generally, Balsa or Pinewood is used for earrings, as these are varieties of softwood, which can be shaped easily and also easily carved.

2. What earrings are trending now?

Wooden earrings are the most trending. This is the rainy season which reminds us of the serenity of this nature. Wooden earrings bring out the essence of nature, so it is loved and demanded in the market at this point in time.

3. Where did Tarkashi jewellery originate from?

It originated in Rajasthan  and  was patronised by the royals of Jaipur and Amber.