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    Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Bring Good Fortune To Your Life With Itokri’s Tibetan Prayers Flags!

    A lot of countries ...

    Bring Good Fortune To Your Life With Itokri’s Tibetan Prayers Flags!

    A lot of countries and religions have their own prayer flags and so does Tibetan culture. Tibetan prayer flags are colourful flags imprinted with Tibetan prayers on them. They are hanged in an open place so that people are blessed with the prayers written on the flag carried by the wind. iTokri has the best handmade Tibetan prayer flags online. Promote peace and wisdom in your house by hanging these prayer flags. Make sure you don't let the cloth touch the ground and treat it with great respect. Buy prayer flags online in India from iTokri to have hustle-free shopping.  

    Make your home, workplace, or maybe your complete life filled with Tibetan prayers!

    Check out these beautiful handmade Tibetan prayer flags available at iTokri:

    1. Tibetan Prayer Flag - Handmade in Himalayas - Lung Ta Wind Horse: This flag is made in the beauty of the Himalayas, with a cotton fabric attached to a string. Use them to bless everyone around you. 
    2. Tibetan Prayer Flag - Handmade in Himalayas - Mantra: The string with beautiful flags has its mantras written on it making it perfect to accomplish its aim. Buy prayer flags to spread goodwill and blessings across the space. 

    Buy Tibetan prayer flags from iTokri to bring good fortune to your life. These flags are available in different sizes and designs. Choose the one you like the most and hang it across your entrance or living room. The prayers aren’t offered to god but instead are spread across to everyone with the help of the wind.  Explore more of iTokri’s products under the section of wall hangings home decor,  bridal collection,and  fabrics online. Also, since New Year is around the corner, check out the amazing  new year greeting and  new year’s diaries as a perfect gift to yourself or your close one!

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri has been successfully satisfying thousands of customers across the world for quite a long time now. It has a user-friendly interface and provides the best of all products at your doorstep. From personal use to gifts, it has all sorts of collections available at the most reasonable prices. So buy prayer flags and many more amazing products only from iTokri. 


    1. What do Tibetan prayer flags mean?

    Tibetan prayer flags mean to spread peace, wisdom, compassion and love across the surroundings with the help of the wind. People usually misunderstand them as a way to offer prayers to god. 

    2. What are the mantras on prayer flags?

    The flags are present in five different colors each symbolizing different concepts. Blue symbolizes sky, white symbolizes wind, red symbolizes fire, green symbolizes water and yellow symbolizes earth. 

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