Paper Quilling hair Clip

Rs. 145.00

Partners CRAFTKARI  SKU: CK/1/2

Size : 2 inches Length
Handmade Paper Quilling. 

“Manzil is a not-for-profit organization providing a community and resource for local youth from low-income background to learn and share, to grow confident, to be creative, and to see the world in a new ways. One of the important ways we do this is by encouraging our students to discover themselves through self-ex-pression through various art forms like music, theatre, dance and craft, apart from the regular academic learning. The craft group at manzil comprises of about 8 young girls who are passionate about creating things with their own hands.
The products range includes Greeting card, Gift tags, Penstands, Journals, Folders, Paper Earrings, Envelopes, Book marks etc. These products are made from 100% recycled handmade paper and jute, with Quiling designs on each. The girls take care of everything – from sourcing row material to designing to maintaining quality during production. In the process, they develop not only their aesthetics and skill to earn an honest livelihood, but also a deep sense of caring and excellence.
These beautiful articles brought into existence by our young students are a labor of love to keep this global and ancient craft of quiling alive. Each article is visually appealing and is patiently and individually crafted from environmentally responsible material. Every purchase contributes to the on-going development and refinement of these girls.

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