Vodka Glass

Rs. 399.00


This is our tribute to the lovely things from russia :


nahichadi zarasi




halattighthogaya sirghumov

Vodka jaihouski!

Subtitles: drink the whisky, nahi chadi zara si, ice crush ki, puri bottle piya vodka ki, halat tight ho gayi, sar ghumne laga, vodka jai ho uski !

Happily Unmarried was anti established in 2003 with no vision and no business plan. Actually at somepoint we did make a business plan but according to that we should have retired 5 years ago.

We make fun products, we do music festivals, we work with corporates when they want to do interesting work and lately we have been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, interiors, marketing all rolled into one (we are trying to think of a name for someone who does all that but no luck yet).
Happily Unmarried 

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