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    Handmade Kutch Lacquered Wooden Belan/बेलन (Chapatti Roller, Rolling Pin)


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    Packed with lots of love!


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    A rolling pin is used to even out everything from pies and pastry dough to cookie dough and pasta.

    The first rolling pin was invented when someone used a thin cylindrical wooden log instead. Over time, the wood was shaped and sanded to obtain a smooth surface that did not stick to the dough.

    The ideal rolling pin length is 18 to 22 inches. If tapered, look for a straight section 7 inches or more down the center, or a very gentle arc across the pin.

    Rolling pins are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials including glass, ceramic, acrylic, bakelite, copper, brass, aluminum, silicon, wood, stainless steel, marble and plastic. Some of them are hollow and can be filled with cold or warm water to better roll the food you want.