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    Tribal Mask - Rajasthani Handpainted Wooden Fridge Magnet

    Partners: MANOJ BHATT

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    Packed with lots of love!


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    Don't worry about damaging your refrigerator when hanging the magnets. It does not affect the function of the refrigerator. It is no exaggeration to say that refrigerator magnets do not affect the functionality of the refrigerator. You can also use neodymium magnets to attach things to your refrigerator.

    When you put two of them together, they align so that opposite poles touch slightly more than same poles because they are in the lowest possible energy state.However, two repelling refrigerator magnets It is highly unlikely that there is.

    Magnetic attraction helps fridge magnets stick to the fridge. The force that holds the magnet to the refrigerator is the force that turns the motor and creates an electric current in the generator.

    Changes in temperature can cause magnets to lose some or all of their magnetic charge. Depending on how extreme the temperature is, these losses can be temporary or permanent.