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    Original Pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Natural Dyed Cotton Table Cover (45 x 45 in)


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    Dispatches within 48 hours

    Fixed Price Shop

    Packed with lots of love!


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    Tablecloths are used to cover the table. They can be decorative coatings, as well as protect against scratches and stains. Other tablecloths are designed to be spread on the dining table before serving dishes and food.

    How to choose the perfect table cover

    Step 1: Check your table size.

    Step 2: Determine the tablecloth scraps you need.

    Step 3: Choose a suitable table cloth.

    Step 4: Decide on the color of the tablecloth.

    Step 5: Determine how many table linens you need.

    Everyday tablecloth protects your table from minor spills, food and drink condensation. It cannot protect against large spills or very hot beverages. In that case, coasters or other means of protection should be used.

    Five ways to keep your tablecloth from slipping:

    1 - Use tablecloth weights.

    2 - Use non-slip table protectors.

    3 - Tie the corners of the tablecloth.

    4 - Use double-sided tape.

    5 - Use the table clamp.

    To keep tablecloth from flying:

    1. Secure with tablecloth clips.

    2. Use a heavy tablecloth.

    3 Place a heavy stone in the corner of the table.

    4. Use the tape.

    5. Use rubber bands to tie the corners.