Funky Necklace

Rs. 440.00

Partners BINDAAS UNLIMITED  SKU: BU_FNKY_39 - asst jewellery pk 16

product code -  BU_FNKY_39
Size :  Length : 23.5 inches (adjustable)

नारद मुनि: देख भाई, दो तरीके के आदमी होवे हैं -
                पहला जो मोह-माया से परे होवे है,  
                और दूसरा माया मैं फंसा ...
                अब बता, तू कोण है ?  

भक्त:       मैं, बिंदास !! 

With inputs like design and product development Bindaas Unlimited is creating a whole range of products, which either use little or no commercial energy, cause little or no pollution (the activities are at such micro scales and so dispersed that nature can handle it very easily on it's own)
and are at the same time dynamic,beautiful and generate employment due to their labour intensity. 
They use the full creative artisanal resources of the human, and give much more satisfaction to the producer than faceless mass factory production which embodies the product with feeling and uniqueness, which makes the act of buying handcrafted products  an act of sharing creativity. 

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                                     Bindaas Unlimited
                                 - Natural dye के उस्ताद -

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