एक दाम की दुकान !! Fixed & Same Price no matter where you buy India's most loved and reviewed crafts store Cash On Delivery (COD) Available in India Shipped Worldwide with DHL & EMS
एक दाम की दुकान !! Fixed & Same Price no matter where you buy Cash On Delivery (COD) Available in India Shipped Worldwide with DHL & EMS

Bell Metal Shalabhajika


Partners MRIGNAYANEE  SKU: MN/153/

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Size Length - 10 inches. Width - 3 inches. Weight 1.5 Kg
Product Description Salabhanjika or Shalabhajika refers to the sculpture of a woman, displaying stylized feminine features, standing near a tree and grasping a branch. The name of these figures comes from the Sanskrit śālabañjika meaning 'breaking a branch of asala tree'. They are also known as madanakaimadanika or shilabalika.
Replica of 9th Century sculpture also known as Indian Monalisa :) 
The Bell Metal craft of Betul is a traditional art form practised by tribals across the Satpura forest region of Madhya Pradesh. The Tribal groups have traditionally created bells, Katar, Devi deity figures and many small offerings for different religious ceremonies as also traditional tribal jewellery pieces for their own use. The tribal community at the Betul cluster has a distinctive casting style. Each Product is a purely handcrafted art piece painstakingly done over many days. This Product comes to you as outcome of the MPHSVN's initiative to support the livelihood of these artisans and revive the craft of bell metal casting of the Betul cluster.
Process The process begins with sculpting of the product in wax. Fox bigger products the figure is first prepared in mud and then covered with a thin layer of wax. It is then coated with a layer of fine mud paste and then with two consecutive layers of thicker mud past mixed with hay. Once dried, the mud covered piece is baked in a pit oven. Simultaneously brass and copper as raw material is melted. The wax is poured out of the baked mould and molten metal is poured in through an opening in the mud mould. Once cooled the metal cast product is taken out to be finished giving a rustic look.
Material Brass Metal
Care Keep away from water. To clean - wipe with soft cloth.
Colour Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible. Read more.
Brand Mrignayanee – A unit of Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd, has been at the centre of all the Nigam's endeavours. With its countrywide network, Mrignayanee has facilitated the wonderful creations of the master craftsmen with efficient and profitable means of showcasing and marketing their products. The story of Mrignayanee is as diverse and fascinating as the art and creations of the state of Madhya Pradesh itself.


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