Remembering 1992

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Remembering 1992 (2012)

This series of films seeks revisit Mumbai, twenty years after the communal violence of 1992-93.

Ek Aakhri Panah 

Directed by - Juanita Mukhia, Krishna Panchal, Piyush Garud and Tanvi Barge

Duration – 14:27 minutes

Language - Hindi with English subtitles

Escalating violence against the Muslim communities of Mumbai forced people to shift to areas where they felt safer or had family.  One such area is Mumbra and this film looks at its history through the eyes of two young Muslim women who work in the Rehnuma Library.

Aman ki Khoj

Directed by - Epti Patnaik, Pratik Bhakta, Sujata Subramanian and Anchal Kataria

Duration – 14 minutes

Language - Hindi with English subtitles

The film looks at the efforts of Bhau Korde, Paul, Ayub, Najma and Amina, among others, in mobilizing people under various initiatives and starting a dialogue to heal the wounds of the 92-93 riots. An Iftar party, organised and attended only by the women, becomes the focus of the film.

Framing 92

Directed by - Ananda Siddhartha, Mrinal Singh and Shruti Ravi

Duration –  25:40 minutes

Language - English

The film explores some of the ways in which the '92 riots in Bombay have been and continue to be represented - in the realms of art and photojournalism. In doing this, the film attempts to understand the nuances of capturing the riots and also reflects on the memories of those who captured the riots for posterity and more.


Directed by - Mridula Chari, Gursimran Khamba, Francis Lohrii and Shivani Gupta

Duration –   19:22 minutes

Language - English

Mohammed Ali Road and Mahim were among the more affected areas during the riots of 1992-1993. Twenty years later, this film takes the lens back to those areas to map the middle classes of those areas. Prominent writer and journalist Dilip D’Souza, draws these narratives together as we try to make sense of stereotypes that persist even today.

Badalte Nakshe

Directed by - Nithila Kanagasabai, Nitya Menon, Archana Sadar and Likokba

Duration –    24 minutes

Language - Hindi with English subtitles

The film follows Farhana Ashraf, a teacher and a writer in an attempt to explore the constructed histories of two generations. 20 years after the riots, how do the people who were children then remember the lived experience of the riots? Moreover, it tries to understand how adolescents of the present generation make meaning of these inherited narratives of violence from what they hear and see.

Farooq versus The State

Directed by - K.P. Jayasankar and Anjali Monteiro

Duration –  25 mins

Language – Hindi, English with English subtitles

Hari Masjid, Wadala, Mumbai, was the scene of a brutal police attack on January 10, 1993. Though Farooq Mhapkar was one of the casualties of indiscriminate police firing, he was charged as a rioter. This is the story of Farooq's protracted legal battle against an unyielding State in pursuit of justice.


School of Media and Cultural Studies

The School of Media and Cultural Studies, (SMCS) of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (a Deemed University) is engaged in media teaching, production, research and dissemination. A unique feature of the School is the close linkage between its technical and academic work. The work of the School facilitates a synergy between research, teaching and production, all of which are informed by a keen sense of connection with local subaltern cultures of resistance and invention. Production is an important component of the School’s work. It has to its credit more than 35 awards for its documentary films at national and international film festivals.

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