Jalpari Papier-mâché Bangles

Rs. 100.00

Partners JALPARI  SKU: jalpari_PMB_03 (PM-9)

Limited Edition Only.
This series of Mashubani Paper mâché Bangles are crafted in collaboration with traditional artist Kamini Kaushal from Madhubani, Bihar. The use of vibrant colors and innocent shapes make them such a darling!  
 Jalpari now brings a range of fusion jewelry mixing traditional processes and contemporary designs with various materials like stone, glass, thread, brass, bamboo, Papier-mâché etc. 
Bangle Size: 2-8  approximately. Fragile Product. Not Waterproof. [CHECK YOUR SIZE] non adjustable (sold in single piece)

Jalpari brings to you handmade jewellery, fashion accessories and lots more inspired from colors embedded from everyday life. Contemporary and fun designs build little away from metropolis with a small town narrative. Full of small dream like existences. We are affordable and light weight as feather.

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