Handcarved Ebony Wood Keychain

Rs. 180.00


Size - Length - 3 Inches

नारद मुनि: देख भाई, दो तरीके के आदमी होवे हैं -
                पहला जो मोह-माया से परे होवे है,  
                और दूसरा माया मैं फंसा ...
                अब बता, तू कोण है ?  

भक्त:       मैं, बिंदास !! 


Sab duniya dekh li. Now it's time to do things the Desi way, Indian motifs with relevance to us. Ho gaya enough Hello Kitty rejects and paisleys for the angrez taste. Mazedaar prints which make you smile. Beautiful flowers of India. Designed for a global Indian sensibility.
We use the traditional skill of hand printing and natural dyeing for our fabrics and we are one of the largest producers in India.
Sometimes we wonder why we do this much mehnat. We extract dyes from anar chilka, katha, and other seeds, bark, flowers, minerals, iron, clay, lime, and tons more. Boil everything for hours and wash each fabric ragad ragad ke many times. And then we see the way it looks and feels, and fall in love with it all over again!

The party we have with the Chippa community of Rajasthan and Kutch while we produce these with them is an added bonus!! May the human handmade way of production win big time over faceless factory production. We love the uniqueness of each piece over the boring same-same look.

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