Leather Puppet Hanging

Rs. 100.00

Partners DASTKAR  SKU: V/03/12

Size : Length - 14 Inches (single piece)

​Leather Puppets of Andhra Pradesh (single piece hanging).

These can be hanged on a wall with simple threads. Made with sheep leather, w ooden beads and natural colors. Keep away from water. Can be cleaned with little wet cloth. 

Tholu Bommalata is the shadow puppet theater tradition of Andhra Pradesh state of India​​. Its performer are wandering entertainers and peddlers that pass through an Indian village during the course of a year- offering to sing ballads, tell fortunes, sell amulets, perform acrobatics, charm snakes, weave fishnets, do tattoos, mend pots. It is an ancient custom by which – for centuries before radio, movies, and television- the knowledge of Hindu epics and local folk tales, not to mention news, spread to the most remote corner of the subcontinent. Tholu Bommalata literally means the dance of leather puppets


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