Ambi Jiji’s Retirement - by Nandini Bedi

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Duration/ Language
00:30:00 (hh:mm) , English, Garo
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Filmmaker/s Bio Note/s
Nandini trained in editing at the Film and Television Institute of India. In 1995, she made her first long documentary They Call it a Ladder and subsequently directed and edited Alif Be and and I am just an Ordinary Woman
Synopsis/ Description
Ambi Jiji always planted her crops on soil where forests have been burnt. This jhum field would then be abandoned and left to regenerate into a forest and a new one burnt. Increasingly, jhum fields are being turned into orchards which provide cash and food security. Through Ambi Jiji and her daughters, we see the passing of a way of life in a remote village in Meghalaya.
Significant Awards/ Screenings
  • First Prize, Jeevika South Asia Livelihood Documentary Competition, New Delhi
  • ZEE News Livelihood Award, CMS Vatavaran
  • Madurai Documentaryand Short Film Festival
  • Mumbai International Film Festival
Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival

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