एक दाम की दुकान !! Fixed & Same Price no matter where you buy India's most loved and reviewed crafts store Cash On Delivery (COD) Available in India Shipped Worldwide with DHL & EMS
एक दाम की दुकान !! Fixed & Same Price no matter where you buy Cash On Delivery (COD) Available in India Shipped Worldwide with DHL & EMS

Appliqué (Phool Patti Ka Kaam) Work Art By theartofsu


Partners THE ART OF SU - BY SU TANU  SKU: BU/152

Appliqué Work Art By theartofsu - Women

Size - Length : 15 inches, Width : 11 inches. WEIGHT -  500 grams, acrylic frame with acrylic glass included

One of the most lyrical and experienced printmakers in India, Sutanu creates prints of very Indian images which look Universal. Nature and people are a source of inspiration for him. He hates kitsch. From batik to hand block printing to patchwork. He works with artisans in many parts of the country and creates timeless looking prints in many different techniques.

“Phool Patti Ka Kaam” is a traditional embroidery style from North India. This delicate form of appliqué work was originally done using fine cotton fabrics. Phool Patti embroidery dates back to the Mughal period. It is said that in those days this work was embroidered on 'shalukas' worn by the begums of nawabs. The need for embellishment and the hot summer weather are said to have given birth to phool patti embroidery. ‘Patti-ka-kaam’, as it is commonly called, originates from Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh in North India and is also referred to as “Aligarh work” sometimes. The embroidery form is typical of the state of Uttar Pradesh and the only other city in India where this embroidery is also practiced is Rampur, Uttar Pradesh.

As the name suggests, the embroidery motifs are in the shape of flower petals or leaves. “Phool” means “flower” and “Patti” means “leaf” in the local language spoken in the region. This textile decoration style consists of little bits of fine ‘mull’ fabric which are cut by hand and deftly folded and shaped into tiny petals, leaves and other geometrical and floral shapes. These are then embroidered onto the fabric to create a variety of intricate patterns. The entire embroidery is done by hand including the finish of edging and joining of the seams.

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