Bodoweaves Cotton Handloom Stole

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Size- Length - 88 inches. Width - 23.5 inches.
Weight 140 grams approx
Material 100% bleed free cotton. Bodos are known as one of the finest weavers in entire north east region.The rich tradition of weaving fabrics is an inherent part of the bodo culture.The bodo women are expert spinners, weavers and exceptionally skilled at hand loom embroidery.
Care Gentle hand wash for first time. Wash Separately.[Do not use bleach. Do not scrub. Do not soak for too long]
Colour Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible. Read more.
Brand Aagor Daagra Afad is a women weavers’ organization set up by the Action North East Trust (ANT) in Assam that uses the rich weaving tradition of the tribal communities to make contemporary products like garments, upholstery etc.
Aagor means ‘design’ in the Bodo language and is the brand name of products from Aagor Daagra Afad, an organization of weavers. The creation of this group has been wowing customers of handloom fabric both in India and abroad. 
Women of Bodo tribe have always been inspired by nature to weave motifs on their traditional bamboo looms e.g. Daorai Mekhrip (wink of a peacock), Dinkhiya (fern), Asi (fingers) and Pahar (hills) to name a few.

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