Sukriti Block Print Fabric Embellished Table Clock

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Rs. 660.00


Table clocks covered with bright patterned block print fabric with traditional motifs which imparts an extra smooth and soft feel to it. 

Dimensions : 5.5 Inches (diameter)  2 Inches ( depth) with mechanical clock and AA battery included.

Woven, embellished, tie-dyed, printed, embroidered, painted. Sukriti inprint makes use of vegetable dyed cloth to produce its mazedaar and classy range of stationery and home decor maal. 

Sukriti Inprint was founded in 1979. For over three decades we have been designing and manufacturing beautiful stationery and gift products. Our products take inspiration from India’s rich art, craft and textile traditions. Our products are hand made by master artisans who maintain careful personal attention to detail. They are highly skilled in a variety of bookbinding and handmade stationery manufacturing techniques.

We pride ourselves in our cloth covered product ranges. We were pioneers in the field of using traditional Indian Textiles for making Stationery and Home Products

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