Diy Educational Kit Folk Art of Hand Block Printing Classic

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Partners POTLI - A BAG OF WONDERS  SKU: PT_Block printing _02

According to an Indian folklore, bored and tired of their plain white clothes some women began using their bangles dipped in color to print their clothes. Carpenters saw this and invented a printing device by carving designs on wood. Thus began the tradition of making blocks of wood for printing. This started almost 1,000  years ago. Shortly, the kings and queens and the royalty patronized this art and it has flourished in India since then.

Originally, natural dyes from herbs and vegetables were used for printing but now many artificial colors are also used. Traditionally, figures of animals, birds, flowers, trees and some geometrical patterns were used. Wooden blocks can also be used to print on fabric, paper and many more materials and, make fun craft projects that engage and educate young minds and help them develop anew skill.

Potli the organization behind the series of art & craft kits, aims to reconnect children with traditional Indian art, thereby creating awareness and expanding markets for artisan communities that depend on their art for their livelihood while helping sustain the old art forms they practice. A fair trade product.

Box size: 6 inches X 10 inches X 1 inches, this kit contains 3 hand carved wooden printing blocks, 3 bottles of non toxic fabric paints, 3 printing pads , a pre washed fabric , 2 blank paper cards , instruction sheets

Caution !
For ages 5 years and above. Not safe for younger children due to small parts & paints. Adult supervision  recommended.Read the instructions carefully before use. Colours may vary from those illustrated.

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