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    Hair Band

    SKU: JS/15/21


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    Hair Band

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    With 70% female artisans and 80% female employees we aim to bridge the gap


    With over 500+ artisan families, we empower 10,000+ individuals


    While encouraging craft products, we keep things environmentally friendly

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    Some of them can lose elasticity in a few days. While some headbands begin to loosen slowly over several weeks and can eventually slip out of the hair. Headbands can even last for months, some people use hair bands for more than six months in their elastic state.

    Certain types of headbands can damage your hair and damage can be increased if the headband has a built-in comb. They put pressure on your hair, which can cause breakage or frizz, especially when pulling them out. They also squeeze their heads, which can cause headaches.

    Choosing traditional elastic is ideal if you like a snug fit, while softer materials like polyester, microfiber and stretch are best if you're trying to reduce frizz or stretch. And those with more delicate hair should almost always choose silk.

    Headbands are the best way to elevate your outfit. They quickly turn you into a respectable diva. Headbands can be suitable for all ages. AGE DOESN’T MATTER.

    You should be washing those regular-use hair bands at least once a week to refresh them. Fashion statement scrunchies that aren't worn as often can be washed less frequently.