Hindu Nectar - by Akanksha Joshi

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00:48:00 (hh:mm) , English, Hindi
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Akanksha is in the nature of wandering minstrels, a story-teller who uses film, sound, text and dance to share her experiences of the visible and inner worlds. She is also an award winning filmmaker and photographer. Her oeuvre stretches from stories of compassion, Gujarat 2002 - Passengers to spending four years on the banks of Chilika Lake in Orissa. Another few roaming the forests, the deltas and the arid lands for her most recent award winning work - Earth Witness. She is the recipient of many awards for cinematography, direction and a nomination for the Wild Screen Awards at Bristol. She continues to be a one woman film company who films, edits, scripts and directs herself.

Synopsis/ Description
A daughter's journey distilling the nectar of the stories and songs she heard as a child. Weaving ancient texts in the fabric of modern life. Rediscovering the land of her childhood, absorbed from her mother, where religion was synonymous with the celebration of life in all its colours. Journeying from the Himalayas to Peninsular India, through rivers, mountains, forests, caves. She meets many practitioners. Each conversation reveals unfathomable depths to seemingly simple rituals she inherited. This cinematic journey creates an experiential rendering of one of the Earth's oldest spiritual traditions. Come. Wander. Experience.
Significant Awards/ Screenings


  • Best Documentary, International Film Festival, Fiji

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