My Bangalore Portraits From Hakki Pikki Colony - by Pankaj H. Gupta

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Pankaj divides his time between making documentaries and advising multilateral agencies on rural poverty alleviation. He has worked on a number of community videos, advocacy films, factual series for television and documentaries. He has a Masters in Sustainable Development from Staffordshire University, has been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Social and Economic Change, a Commonwealth scholar and his work has been published in scholarly and popular journals.
Synopsis/ Description
The Hakki Pikki are one of the last of the hunting-gathering tribes that lived in the dense forests of the Western Ghats. In the 1970s, they were displaced from their nomadic life in the forests by the conservation ethic and by the state keen on ‘civilising’ them. Homeless and lacking in any skills other than hunting, they wandered from place to place in search of a new life. A small group landed up on the western fringes of Bangalore, where they, along with other homeless people, formed a squatter’s colony or slum. This ethnography is made up of brief portraits of a few of the families who live in this slum and explores their personal lives as well as their relationship with the city.
Significant Awards/ Screenings


  •  Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival


     (PSBT)Public Service Broadcasting Trust


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