My Camera And Tsunami - by R. V. Ramani

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Duration/ Language
01:30:00 (hh:mm) ,  English
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Filmmaker/s Bio Note/s
Ramani is a leading documentary filmmaker, who has established a unique style of his own, making independent impressionistic documentaries, which have found recognition both in India and abroad. He has travelled widely with his films which have been presented in many international film festivals.
Synopsis/ Description
The Film shares special moments that the Filmmaker experienced with his camera, a special bonding over a period of four years, creating cinematic imagery, relating, exploring, seeking and interpreting notions of his reality. It is a memory of a camera which perished in the tsunami, along with its last filmed footage – elusive images, evoking multiple possibilities, seeking parallels and new perspectives.
Significant Awards/ Screenings
  • Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan
  • John Abraham National Awards, SiGNS, Kerala
  • Prague Film Festival

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