Ocean Of Melody - by Laili Dutta Hazarika

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00:52:00 (hh:mm) , Hindi
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Laili is an independent filmmaker, media consultant, musician and educationist. An alumna of Lady Shri Ram College and MCRC, Jamia, she started her career as a video journalist with NDTV. Documentaries like Imagining our Future Together, Vidya Rao - A Search Begins, Dhwani, Remains of the Caravan Route are some of her noteworthy works. She has had the privilege to travel extensively and present her musical performances in different parts of the country and beyond shores.
Synopsis/ Description
The Film delves into the key aspects that construct the framework of Indian classical music, the fluidity that this form of music allows within a well-defined structure – one that is derived intrinsically from constant improvisations by the performer. While explaining the practical aspects of swara and how their interplay over time created structures and formats in the form of Ragas, the narrative also explores the relationship shared by the master and the disciple in the backdrop of the age old Guru Shishya Parampara. The Film brings out the incomparable intensity and depth that this form of music holds in its belly.
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