Puzzle - Mughal Flowers

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Size Length - 13.5 inches. Width - 10.5 inches.  (63 piece puzzle)
Product description Miniature Paintings
Mughal miniature paintings can be traced back to the 16th century. Two master artists from the Persian court accompanied Humayun when he came back from exile to reclaim his throne. His son Akbar gathered indigenous artists and set up a great atelier. He commissioned thousands of paintings mainly to illustrate manuscripts. The Indian artists were overseen and trained by the Persian masters. Elements of Persian miniatures began to mingle with the traditional motifs of murals and scrolls of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain schools.This synthesis flowered into the distinctive Mughal school of miniature paintings. The tradition flourished through the reigns of Jahangir, Shahjahan and even Aurangzeb. Emperor Babar’s love of nature and flowers was shared by all the Great Moghuls. They laid out many unique gardens known as the Chaarbags. 
This is the spirit that breathes life into the bright and stylised renderings of flowers and floral motifs seen in this puzzle.
Material Paper. 
Care To clean wipe with soft cloth, keep away from water.
Colour Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible. Read more.
Brand Froggmag brings for you a range of novel products from India inspired from histories to mythologies, from folk arts to music,  from popular cultures to daily lives across India. Each of their product is soaked in memories with some deep metaphorical value. Their products are highly adorable to gift and own for oneself.

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