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Qissa-e- Parsi - by Divya Cowasji and Shilpi Gulati


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Duration/ Language
00:26:00 (hh:mm) ,  English
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Filmmaker/s Bio Note/s
Divya and Shilpi have been working in the field of documentary filmmaking, photography and research for the last few years. Their body of work engages with issues of gender, public space and documenting oral histories of minority communities in India. In addition to independent work, they have collaborated with NGOs and institutions across the country, generating archival, training and research material that has been showcased as films, audio visual exhibits and online archives.
Synopsis/ Description
The Film explores the history of the Parsi community, its relationship to the Indian state and association with the city of Mumbai. It strives to understand the Zoroastrian faith, the philosophy to live, laugh and love that is the backbone of the Parsi way of life and what makes it so endearingly unique and beloved. As the community is plagued with anxieties over its dwindling numbers, the Film looks at current debates on issues of inter-faith marriage. It is an attempt to understand a community that has always been numerically small, yet, culturally and socially formidable.
Significant Awards/ Screenings
  • National Film Award, India
  • Best Documentary, Script Film Festival, Kerala
  • Seattle Film Festival
  • ImagineIndia, International Film Festival, Madrid
  • Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India
  • International Film Festival, Madrid
  • Mumbai International Film Festival
  • Chandigarh Cinema Festival
  • John Abraham National Film Awards, SiGNS, Kerala
  • Woodpecker Film Festival and Forum, Delhi

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